Vs-fx.com Review:dangerous scam.

Vs-fx.com is an unregulated investment broker that lacks credibility in
its operations and does not provide enough background information on what it
does. It has a very attractive and intuitive platform that lure unsuspecting investors.

Such an anonymous platform’s main aim is stealing from unsuspecting investors. Unfortunately, from our review, their trading conditions are suspicious.

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Vs-fx.com red flags

Unregulated confirmed scam broker.

It is a Ponzi scheme disguising as legit but it is not.

No guarantee on investment and untrustworthy.

Usually abuse trading rules and operate with impunity as they are sure no one will follow their back to ensure compliance.

They use persuasive sales pitch which is a trap that many investors fall to.

Avoid the trap from such scammer.

How does Vs-fx.com work?

Usually, they use misleading ads on the internet to lure as many people as possible, to increase the number of clients to steal.
They provide a link on their website, which you click and provide your email and contact numbers.
Usually, they immediately contact and promise anything to make you deposit money with them as quickly as possible.
Since they are experienced manipulators before you realize they will ask for your bank card details to assist you with the deposit.
Never provide such information to avoid becoming a victim of Identity with more problems consequently and losing funds from your account.
They ask for more money and persuade you to deposit more and recover the losses incurred.
When you get a profit, they will convince you to put more money and increase the profits.
Troubles knock when requesting a withdrawal. They will discourage you and even ask you to pay them if you want to withdraw.
Legit companies do not bother you by phone or email to deposit with them, so if someone pushes you to invest, most probably a scam.

Are Funds Safe with Vs-fx.com?

It is never safe to invest in an unregulated broker since it is so difficult for a broker to allow for withdrawal of your investment gains.

They are a risky venture to invest your money in.

In addition to the above, this broker is a Ponzi scheme, it is disguising as a legitimate to steal money from unsuspecting investors.

There is no guarantee or security of funds with unregulated Investment, which is not answerable to any watchdog.

Moreover, they do not provide any details about who runs daily activities, which raises concerns, about the company not giving Important details.

When such important details are missing safety of your funds becomes a challenge. This explains why your funds are not safe here.

Such platforms usually prey on naïve investors, promising several features and instant profits which are empty promises.

How to recover lost money

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Conclusive review on Vs-fx.com

 We cannot recommend this broker for investing.

Never allow Vs-fx.com  to steal your hard-earned money. Known fraudsters and scammers, Avoid signing in to such investment websites.

We recommend before you invest in any platform, do your due diligence by checking experts reviews and recommendation .Try your best to find out what such platform does, that’s the only way you will stay safe in the online investment platforms.

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