RedFinance Review: Legit/Scam

This review will tell why RedFinance a broker operating a website address is not a legitimate firm but a fraudulent broker and what you can do to recover your funds in case RedFinance has scammed you

RedFinance Review: unregulated

RedFinance is owned and operated by “Shenanigans Consulting LTD” which is registered at St. Vincent and the Grenadines with the ‘address  Suite 305, Griffith Corporate Center, Kingstown’.

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The broker offers financial services in Forex, shares, commodities, and indices to its clientele.

We searched St. Vincent and the Grenadine’s regulatory SVG registers, but we did not find any records of the broker it does not exist.

SVG has already issued a disclaimer of not regulating or monitoring forex brokerage firms. All evidence clearly states that this broker is merely a registered firm rather than a regulated one and is not qualified to carry out such services. Therefore, it is a scam.

This is proof that it’s not regulated and it is offering financial services illegally ready to steal your hard-earned money.

We have verified that the firm has NO VALID regulatory license. They have constant customer complaints about being unable to withdraw, price manipulation, huge slippage, account closures, and poor customer support. potential scams beware and avoid them.

Why RedFinance is a Scam but not Legit

The address given by RedFinance is commonly used by offshore scammers who do not want to expose themselves.

The broker is offering Forex and CFDs financial services illegally without being licensed

It is also offering this service as a trap to lure unsuspecting clients to steal from.

RedFinance offers very attractive trading terms to investors as a tactic for attracting more clients to steal from.

Checking customer feedback, we noticed a general trend of complaints where clients are unable to withdraw their funds.

Usually, these broker scam by lying to investors to deposit and start trading but it’s difficult to withdraw any amount from these scammers.

RedFinance has many tricks including charging taxies, commission,s and scam traps to discourage you from withdrawing your funds

We can’t recommend such a broker and be sure your money is not safe seek guidance from an expert recovery firm.

How to recover funds lost to RedFinance

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We advise you to give the professional team at mychargeback the details of your scam and they help recover.

Remember you need expert assistance to recover your funds since scammers are also clever in their game


Conclusion on RedFinance Review

It’s essential to comment on the above firm and denounce its activities if you are a victim.

In case the review is wrong, we allow the company to contact us and convince us otherwise about their activities.

The increasing prevalence of scammers operating within the forex market has led some investors to lose faith in the industry.

However, many legit brokers offer excellent trading services besides being fair and transparent. As a prudent investor, you need to take the necessary precautions before signing up with an entity. Such as checking a broker’s regulation status with a concerned regulator and reading clients’ feedback on independent reviewers’ websites

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