Leader008.com is an online precious metals trading platform that pretends to be legit, but it’s an unregulated, fraudulent broker ready to disappear with your funds without notice.

In our review, we noted worrying trends in their trading behavior and believe it’s a deceptive, anonymous, and untrustworthy firm.

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When a firm is unauthorized to offer financial services because it does not have a regulated license to operate like Dvanxbit.com, Sagicorfinance.pro, Afs-equity.com, and now Leader008.com.

We are sure they will apply corrupt and dishonest ways when dealing with your crypto coins, so it’s wise to avoid them.

Reasons to avoid unauthorized Leader008.

Such platform has a public warning from a regulated regulator and in some cases, they have been blacklisted from operating.

An unregulated broker will frustrate your trading and when you quit, they will not give you the balance remaining from your original deposit.

Such brokers will delay withdrawals intentionally, or not allow withdrawals at all so that they can steal from investors.

There are constant client comments and complaints about being unable to make withdrawals after investing in the broker.

Usually newly formed and work for one or two years and disappear, change the name or the domains and come back again.

It promises instant profits with little effort. All you need to do is deposit a certain amount of money, and you will see profits soon enough.

No guarantee on investment and is untrustworthy. They never mention the risks of trading and they don’t provide knowledge on trading.

They abuse trading rules and operate with impunity since they are sure no one will follow and ensure compliance.

How Leader008 work?

They offer a fake MT4 or MT5 trading software platform that they use to steal your money.

Use of social media ads and calls they convince clients to deposit funds and start trading and earn instant profits.

Scam firms also post videos and do livestreams, which are deep faked to promote their fraudulent websites

Scammers will ask you to deposit funds in cryptocurrency and bank transfers knowing it will take time to recover.

Once funds are transferred they freeze the funds and ask for more money to unfreeze and allow withdrawal.

They contact clients by email, social media, and calls promising anything to make you deposit money as quickly as possible.

When requesting a withdrawal, they will discourage, block you, or ask you to pay a fee to allow withdrawals.

Some will not allow withdrawals claiming they are upgrading their platform but that’s a strategy to exit with your funds. 

In some cases, they will pay for small deposits but for large amounts, they don’t only disappear with the funds.

They stop responding to any inquiries of withdrawals that’s when you realize you have been scammed.

Are your funds Safe with Leader008?

It is not safe to invest in an unregulated broker since it is difficult to get your investment and profits.

There is no guarantee or security of funds with unregulated Investment, who are not answerable to any watchdog.

They do not provide details of who runs daily activities, important details, and when missing your funds are not safe.

Only experts mychargeback will guide you to get back your funds and if you have not already lost funds to this broker, be sure your funds are not safe.

How to recover lost funds.

If you are unable to withdraw your funds never give up kindly use the chargeback link HERE

Provide transaction details of the scam and start the process of getting back your funds free with no obligations.

Remember you cannot outsmart a scammer once you have sent money to is account it’s a done deal that’s why you need and expert assistance to recover. START YOUR RECOVERY NOW HERE

How to avoid online scams

Avoid unregulated firms and if you trade on a regulated platform be cautious and invest funds you can afford to lose.

Never allow any broker or agent to trade on your behalf you will end up losing your investment.

Before investing in any platform, do your due diligence by checking expert reviews and recommendations.

Be cautious and never trust any agent claiming to recover your money for a fee without any consultation.

Verdict on Leader008 Review.

Avoid the trap of a typical broker scam relying on the general public’s ignorance regarding financial trading.

It’s possible to make money with online brokers but if you trade with regulated brokers and be cautious enough and diversify your investments.

Conclusion on Leader008 Review.

It’s important to leave a comment on above company and denounce their activities if you are a victim of the same scam.

Help us prevent and avoid more people from being scammed by commenting and giving details of how it occurred.

In case the review is wrong, we allow the company to contact us and convince us otherwise about their activities.

If we haven’t reviewed the company you’re interested in trading with, let us know and we’ll add them to the investigatory list.

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