In case you are a victim of online Forex trading, online cryptocurrency trading investments, Phishing, crowdfunding, or one of the many other online scams then File a Complaint of the scam here and we will start the journey to recover your funds

Also, if you have a complex authorized transaction gone bad which you paid with a credit card, debit card, bank wire or cryptocurrencies provide your details and start the journey for your recovery.

You have a very good chance to reclaim your scammed funds by using Mychargeback services.  

Mychargeback is an American company, founded in 2016 and registered in Delaware, with a global focus and an international client base throughout North and South America, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania. 

Expert in forensic cryptocurrency investigations and complex card-not-present transaction disputes, and has recovered millions of dollars for consumers worldwide.

Provide details of your scammed transaction and we will accompany you from the start to the end throughout the chargeback process, regardless of the time it takes to prove your case and get your money back, start the journey now.

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Payment method, agree to be contacted by the Mychargeback team for a free consultation about your case contact us.

Mychargeback will assist you in claiming your funds back based on the following conditions :

  • You were not aware of the transaction that has been made.
  • You were aware of the transaction but you did not receive the services/goods as agreed with the other party.

To make sure you have all the elements in your hand to have a successful chargeback we recommend you to :

  • Have the name of the broker/company where you deposited your money.
  • Chat history (Skype, WhatsApp, emails, etc.) of the person you were dealing with.
  • Transaction records of the money deposited/sent to the broker/company.
  • All information that you may find useful to have for the recovery process.

The more elements you have, the better it is for our partner can work effectively on your case.

As we said earlier, your funds are not gone for good and you have a high chance to get your money back using our effective recovery solution.

If you have been unsuccessful in receiving a refund from a merchant, including online investment schemes that you suspect were not provided, we invite you to provide the details too.

To start the process of recovery of your money, click here.

What are my chances of winning a chargeback case?

There are a lot of case-specific variables involved that can differ from one case to the next. Some of the factors include the information and evidence you can provide, your bank’s policies, your deposit history, etc.

Beyond a chargeback, other alternatives can be pursued against the wrongful organization if you have a strong case. Sometimes, a settlement can be reached.

In general, with all other things equal, the more evidence you can gather, the more powerful your strategy and the greater your likelihood of winning.

What is the average time for a chargeback process?

The average length from end to end for a completed chargeback is usually around 20 days.

This is the time it takes from the point that you contact Mychargeback to a resolved outcome. However, case-specific variables can also skew this timeline.

Our expert recommendations;

Fraudulent transactions are increasingly common, and as a consumer, it is in your best interest to not engage with any non-regulated companies online.

Check on our daily review posts for online trading companies which are unlicensed, unregulated, and confirmed cases of scams, and avoid them so that you are never a victim.

The most common varieties of cryptocurrency cases include:

  • Fake social media crypto trading scams
  • False ICOs
  • Fraudulent crypto wallets
  • Crypto phishing scams
  • Unlicensed crypto brokers

An unregulated broker that offers extravagant returns on cryptocurrency should be avoided, mainly if these deals are offered on social media rather than through brokerage services on a secure website.

The majority of ICOs are fake, and investors should work only with a regulated ICO platform. 

However, if you have been a victim of a fraudulent transaction, you can and should take the necessary steps to recoup your hard-earned funds don’t give up start the process now and we will be there to reclaim your funds free without any obligation.

In conclusion

Avoid using merchants or brokers that require a bank transfer and who refuse to take credit cards or debit cards.

This is usually a red flag that they are avoiding chargebacks and know that a wire recall is more difficult.

It is common for fraudulent merchants or scam brokers to demand payment only through cryptocurrency or bank transfers rather than credit cards or debit cards. 

Although many welcome the fact that cryptocurrencies operate without central government control, this also means that consumers are not given the same protection and oversight as they are with credit card charges or bank transfers. 

Fortunately, crypto recovery is possible with Mychargeback experts who have extensive expertise in cryptocurrency cases and recovering funds from the blockchain also have a close working relationship with law enforcement, government officials, and regulators and has won many successful cryptocurrency cases. 

This is why those who have lost money to merchant fraud or crypto scams or forex scams need MyChargeBack professionals to interpret the transaction patterns on the blockchain and determine who is behind them and recover the funds.

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