In any case, if you are a victim of many online scams, and you are looking for a quick and easy way of recovering any amount of money, we are ready to offer you maximum attention until you recover all your money.

Our recommendation, file an official case against the scammer by filling out the details of the scammed transactions. We will guide you on how to file a chargeback against the scammer’s accounts.

If you have a complex authorized transaction gone bad, and a delayed reversal request. Urgently provide the details, and we will contact you with advice on how to recover your funds.

It does not matter if you paid through credit, debit, bank wire, or even in bitcoins we will still be able to recover your scammed funds.

Kindly note most scammers con you by delaying the process of accessing your funds. This is because they are aware of the fact, that after six months, your money legally becomes irreversible.

Delaying processing your payments is one way of scamming. File urgently for the chargeback as soon as possible, when you notice this trend.

Who is mychargeback & what is a chargeback? is an American company founded in 2016, offering services money recovery services and serving consumers worldwide.

A chargeback is a process of requesting a reversal of a transaction in which you have been scammed.

Once you realize that you have deposited money from your accounts and got scammed. Then legally you are supposed to start the process of recovering your loss.

Mychargeback knows how this process works(chargeback). That is why you need to give them all evidence of your scammed transaction, and they will successfully guide the recovery of your lost money.

Fill out the below form to recover your money. 

Are you a victim of a fraudulent trading or investment company? Click here to start the journey of recovering your money in full.

Mychargeback helps to claim your funds if you were not aware of the transactions. and if you never received the services as agreed with the other party.

You should provide the following details:

The name of the company/brokers which scammed you

The communication history(telegram, skype, WhatsApp, emails, phone numbers) of the scammer you were dealing with.

Transaction records include the amount, currency, account number you deposited to and all relevant available information about the transaction that you may find useful for the recovery process.

Remember the more relevant details you provide increase the chance of recovering your funds as quickly as possible.

Chances of getting back your funds and how long will it take

Usually, every case has its different complexity. However, if it’s a straightforward scam and you have provided detailed information about your scammed transaction.

Then within a short period of even twenty days, you will recover your funds. In general, specific variables are taken into consideration. Which in some cases may prolong the duration.

But depending on factors like; the evidence you have provided, bank policies, the amount involved, and other facts of your case, the process should last for less than three months.

In case it’s complicated, still before six months elapse, you will be able to get back your funds.

It’s important to note that beyond a chargeback, they are other alternatives that can be used to recover your funds. If the case is strong, and there is concrete evidence, a settlement can be reached.

Our expert recommendations;

Scams are increasingly getting common in the present boom in online investment platforms. However, it’s advisable not to ignore to recover if you have been scammed.

It is common for scammers to demand payment only through cryptocurrency or bank transfers rather than credit cards or debit cards. 

Luckily, recovery of crypto & bank transfers is possible with Mychargeback. They have extensive expertise, work with law enforcement officials, and have won many cases. 

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